Jini: What It Is, How We Use It, and Where It’s Going by Michael Ogg

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ABSTRACT:  Jini: What It Is, How We Use It, and Where It’s Going

In this presentation, I will describe Sun’s Jini product: what is is, what it was designed for, and how it works. Since this is a Java group, I won’t be bashful about showing APIs and source code snippets. I will then describe what Valaran does with Jini, and why we used such a ‘radical’ technology to enter a relatively conservative market, namely telecommunications Operations Support Systems. Finally I will describe what changes to the specification are likely to appear over the next several months, and how the world-wide Jini community is organized to influence those specifications.

SPEAKER BIO:  Michael Ogg

Michael Ogg is a founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Valaran Corporation, a company formed in 2000 to apply Java and Jini technology to problems in telecommunications. He has worked with Jini, and participated fully in the Jini Community, since its launch. In an earlier life, Michael was a particle physicist. His final project as a physicist was leading a large team in the development of a robust distributed computing infrastructure. After this project started, Java was released, Michael became an early adopter and champion, and as they say, the rest is history.

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