Generating Images and PDF Documents with Servlets, JSP, and XML by Chad Darby

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ABSTRACT: Generating Images and PDF Documents with Servlets, JSP, and XML

When developing web applications, developers frequently need to generate images and PDFfiles. Many financial sites generate images dynamically to graph a stock’s price. Pie charts are used graphically to depict the results of a customer opinion poll. PDF documents are commonly used to generate portable documents. Up until now, servlet and JSPdevelopers struggled to develop a viable solution. This session will answer all of your questions and provide step-by-step techniques for generating images and PDF documents. In this session, we will – Discuss various APIs for generating images – Exploit JSP Custom Tags for generating charts – LeverageXML data sources – Generate PDF documents using Jakarta XSL-FOP


ChadChad Darby has experience developing Java-based web applications for Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense. Chad is a contributing author for the books, Professional Java E-Commerce and Beginning Java Networking, both published by Wrox Press. Chad has also authored articles for Java Report, Java Developer’s Journal, and Web Techniques. He has been an invited speaker at conferences including XML DevCon 2000, JavaCon 2000 and SIGs JavaCon 2001. Chad recently gave presentations on JSP and XML in Mumbai, India. In between consulting and writing projects, he teaches Java courses for Learning Tree International. Chad is a Sun certified Java developer and BEA certified WebLogic Developer. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Images and PDF Slides (PDF)

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