Struts Framework by Tom Janofsky

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Perfect Order

RIP Perfect Order (acquired, 2005)

ABSTRACT:  Struts Framework

J2EE developers are confronted with the problem of constructing extensible and maintainable web front ends. JSPs and servlets provide the technologies, but lack a unifying architecture. This presentation will examine the Struts Framework, an open source framework that encourages web architectures based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. We will focus on the architecture of the Struts framework, tag libraries and utilities provided, and implementation choices. The presentation will include design and implementation discussion, and the presentation of a sample Struts application.

SPEAKER BIO:  Tom Janofsky

Tom Janofsky is an independent consultant, specializing in J2EE Architecture and implementation, and object-oriented design. He has worked with Java for over five years, with particular experience in the financial sector. He has been an instructor at Penn State for over 3 years, developing and teaching a number of courses, including beginning through advanced Java courses and J2EE.

Struts Slides PDF

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