Java Performance by Vic Bahl

Sponsored by

Perfect Order

RIP Perfect Order (acquired, 2005)

ABSTRACT:  Java Performance

This will be a talk on the topic of Java performance, an obviously large area. Topics that we will touch on include :

  • What is performance
  • High-level strategies
  • performance process
  • profiling tools
  • Nature of benchmarks
  • the common, industry standard benchmarks and what they actually measure
  • Low-level optimization tactics
  • Faster I/O
  • Memory management
  • Remote invocation cost comparisons
  • Thread synchronization overhead
  • Native code comparisons
  • Deployment techniques
  • JFC/Swing (possibly, if time permits)
  • Hotspot VM – what is it and why is it an improvement
  • useful options for Solaris VM tuning
  • Garbage collection tuning


Vic Bahl has been working for Sun for over 10 years, initially as part of Sun Professional Services and the last 9 years as a Sun S.E. supporting the Channel. For approximately the last 4.5 years Vic has helped Sun partners in moving existing or new software projects to Java-based architectures in a variety of industries, including large health care information systems and financial services. Vic is a ‘regular’ on the JUG speakers circuit, and he has presented on a variety of Java technologies (J2EE, EJB, JSP/Servlets, Java Performance) at Sun Partners and east coast JUGs. Vic earned a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.S./M.S in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and also has an M.S. in Computer Science from the State University of New York-Buffalo (SUNYAB).

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