Changes in EJB 2.0 by Patrick Innmon

Sponsored by

The Sycamore Group

RIP The Sycamore Group (acquired in 2006)

ABSTRACT:  Changes in EJB 2.0

With EJB version 2.0 Sun has introduced two major changes, a Message Bean and a Persistence manager. These two pieces expand and refine EJB functionality in a number of ways. Patrick’s presentation will address these changes, giving an overview of container managed relationships, EJB Query Language, and using Message Beans.

SPEAKER BIO:  Patrick Innmon

Patrick Innmon has been a Java instructor for over two years, and a Java programmer for over five years. His Java background includes work in the financial, network software, and healthcare industries. His interest in middleware started with work in CORBA and has continued into EJB. Patrick teaches introductory, intermediate and advanced Java courses for Penn State Great Valley. He has also taught courses in EJB, and will be offering a course on EJB through Penn State in the spring. Before Java, Patrick worked in C++, C and COBOL on the “big iron”. Before that, in what seems like another life, he was an Infantry Officer. Patrick is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery, IEEE Computer society, and Mensa.

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