XML and the Java JAXP API by Dr. John Lewis

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XML, the Extensible Markup Language, will be a primary player in web-based software development in the near future. It gives us the ability to define the meaning of our web site content, rather than simply describe how we want that content displayed. It provides structure for our information such that it can be managed easily under program control. To fully embrace XML, however, we must also embrace several complimentary technologies (e.g., DTD, XSL, DOM). Java will continue to evolve its role as a web-based language in anXML world. The new JAXP API provides mechanisms for Java software to interact withXML information. This talk will give an overview of XML, its complimentary technologies, and the JAXP API.

SPEAKER BIO:  Dr. John Lewis

John Lewis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing Sciences at Villanova University. His textbook, Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design, is used at hundreds of colleges and universities around the world to teach introductory object-oriented programming. His specialty area is Software Engineering with an emphasis on web-based software technologies.

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