Philly Area Java Enthusiast,

Welcome to the newest virtual home of the Philadelphia Area Java Users’ Group, twice rated by Sun as one of the world’s top Java User Groups! The Philly JUG’s main objective is to provide great learning events for our membership, and if you look at our history we’ve done just that.

Over the past fifteen+ years the Philly JUG has done quite a bit of growing up. Very few of you might remember our first meeting, where about 35 members sat on the floor in the office of a long departed dot com. If you have been to a meeting recently you know how far we have come. I believe we still have room for improvement as well.

Take some time to browse the new site, which now includes details on all of our past meetings, slides from most presentations, and even some photographs.

Thanks to all of you for your help in promoting and growing the Philly JUG!!


Dave Fecak
Founder and JUGMaster Emeritus (2000-2015)